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What is Obera Software Solutions

Obera is a Startup that is busy working on innovation concepts for other companies. We have experience in the fields of NoSQL, HomeAutomation solutions, Agile practices and Robotics


Expertise in NoSQL Solutions, we have build a NoSQL database called JasDB, used for quickly prototyping apps


We provide a user-friendly home automation solution for all your home automation appliances.


We have excellent people in house that are available to assist companies in their agile needs


One of our new endeavours is to explore the world of Robots and human interaction

Open Source

Everything is OpenSource in Obera, we can provide assistance to roll out OpenSource in your organisation


We help companies innovate, build and research what they cannot do themselves


JasDB is a NoSQL database using a document-based storage mechanism. JasDB can be used for rapid prototyping and embedded devices like Android phones/tablet. JasDB has an extremely simple API, something we are very proud off and can be used directly out of the box.


  • Document Storage
  • Android support
  • Java & Rest API
  • High Performance

Obera HomeAutomation

Obera has built a user-friendly home automation solution that offers ease of use for all your home automation appliances. We offer integration for multiple home automation hardware products and are still expanding with more options.


  • Graph chart support
  • Rules editor
  • Fully Async & Event driven
  • Dimmer, switch and value Widgets

About us

Oberasoftware is a startup based around innovation concepts in the industry, we pride ourselves on following the latest trends and future trends and ensuring we can provide services around these.

I am Renze de Vries the CTO @ Oberasoftware

Meet our founder, Renze De Vries. He is a technology leader with almost 10 years of experience in Java or JVM related development and NoSQL expert. Renze has been working hard over the past years to make his dream of creating the next generation in storage a reality. Besides being a creative visionary, Renze is actively involved in the fields of Reactive programming and these days the field of Humanoid Robotics

Renze de Vries
CTO @ Oberasoftware

I am Thosha Moodley the COO @ Oberasoftware

Net to my job @Oberasoftware I work as a Director @ ActiveVideo which means I manage several teams that produce software for settop boxes. By night I paint, watch Jurassic Park and dream of the Future in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Thosha Moodley
COO @ Oberasoftware

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